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Complete workflows, with just one line

Rapidly complete workflows, search for documents, and generate insights powered by the data across your company's systems and services.

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Write it down,
then lay it up.

Contextual Chat

Ask a question, get an answer and the document where it was found.

Dynamic Templates

Never start from scratch again when drafting talking points, emails, board decks, and more.

One-line workflows

Layup is your company sidekick. With one simple prompt, it can initiate instant, customized workflows to complete your everyday tasks.

Embedded History. Reference historical projects and workflows instantly.

Ask Layup Anything. Powered by internal and external data sources.

Over 170 Integrations. Built into the places you work.

BYO-Data. Work lives across multiple platforms. Bring your own and we'll bring the rest.

Hyper-secure and siloed. SOCII pending.

Auto-Authorize. Approve or modify proposed workflows before LayUp completes them.

170+ integrations

LayUp securely integrates with your company's applications, providing seamless configuration with your knowledge base.

Google Drive

Personalized with what you have, extended with what you need


Choreograph workflows instantly with a simple prompt. Tell Layup what to do and it works across all systems

Salesforce + GDocs + Slacks

Create an customer overview with data from Salesforce, export it to Google Docs, and share it with #leadership

Pave + Greenhouse + Rippling

Pull down compensation data from Pave, populate an offer letter in Greenhouse, set up a user in Rippling when the candidate accepts

Mix & Match with Context

Draft an MSA for Acme inside of Google Docs based on the BigCo's MSA and share it with the leadership team

Data Sources

Layup integrates with your personal, company-wide, and external knowledge bases to optimize your workflows.


LayUp integrates with any personal files or emails to tailor content to how you work.


Complete workflows that align with your company’s unique systems and processes


Ingest publicly available sources to power the insights that your team needs

Save time, focus on what matters

Workflows and output, not searches

LayUp puts the collective knowledge of your company in the hands of your people and lets them build workflows with simple, one-line prompts.

Permissioned access

Layup is curated and personalized to the unique level of access every team member in the company has.

Fine-tuned for you

Every company has unique knowledge and workflow needs. Create workflow templates, save them, and enrich them with your company's growing knowledge base.

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How secure is Layup?

Layup offers enterprise-grade security and employs extensive measures to ensure the utmost protection of confidential data. All customers’ data is siloed and encrypted, and Layup adheres to industry-leading best practices to safeguard your information, including SOC 2 (pending certification). We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and continually monitoring and improving our systems to stay ahead of potential threats.

Who has access to Layup?

Layup is open to both individuals and enterprises. For individuals, access is granted upon signing up for a standard account. For enterprises, we offer fine-grained permissions management so that companies can control the level of access that each employee or group has. This ensures that sensitive information is only accessible to those who need it. Our enterprise customers can also manage their users' access through Single Sign-On (SSO) and other identity providers, providing an additional layer of security.

What can Layup do?

Layup is an AI-powered knowledge management and workflow platform that helps individuals and organizations streamline their daily tasks with simple prompts. Layup integrates with over 170 commonly used products across functions such as File Storage, HR & Payroll, ATS, Accounting, CRM, Ticketing, and Communications. For example, users can generate a summary of weekly company updates from Slack and Notion, create an MSA with past data from Salesforce and export it to Google Docs to share instantly with their team, or simply pull what they're looking for from all the files they have access to. With Layup, companies and employees can focus on building what matters most.

What does Layup integrate with?

Layup offers two types of integrations: App integrations and Data integrations.

With App integrations, our platform seamlessly integrates with over 170 commonly used products across functions such as Slack, GSuite, Salesforce, Hubspot, Box, Dropbox, Notion, Coda, Airtable, Zendesk, Intercom, ADP, Gusto, and many more.

With Data integrations, our platform can mass ingest all forms of company data from PDFs to structured databases and allow users to query and build workflows off of it. This makes Layup an incredibly powerful tool for organizing your company’s knowledge and streamlining daily workflows.